Nothing contributes more to your overall safety than a professional crew. This is why MJets retains the
best pilots in the industry through highly selective recruitment and training programs. Our pilots and crew
are trained and rated at Flight Safety International and CAE Dubai training centers providing an unsurpassed
level of commitment, expertise and skill which not only meets, but exceeds the exacting standards of Thailand’s
Department of Civil Aviation as well as International Civil Aviation Standards.

Minimum entry requirement for all captains:

4,000 hours minimum total flight time
2,500 hours minimum on jet time
500 hours minimum on type


At MJets, safety is our highest priority. This is rigidly enforced by our Quality and Safety Management System (SMS). Our SMS is managed by a dedicated team of safety experts who also provide extensive training in this field. Comprehensive insurance coverage, Ground Operational Safety, Confidential Reporting System, Occupational Health and Safety, all underpin our operation ensuring unwavering safety and security for you.