Production Planner

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A Production Planners are directly responsible to the Production Planning Manager and have the responsibility to support maintenance activities as directed to:
1. Assist with pre-input planning and coordination of manpower, parts, materials, tooling, equipment and contracted I subcontracted services;
2. Assist with generation of requested work orders, log book entries and return to service statements or preparing / printing technical data;
3. Maintain updated hangar utilization plans for upcoming maintenance activities;
4. Support Lead Technicians in coordinating and monitoring status of necessary parts, materials, tooling, equipment and contracted I sub-contracted services;
5. Monitor daily progress of issued/open work orders and issue daily reports to Production Planning Manager;
6. Assist Lead Technicians and Inspectors in ensuring that the proper maintenance records, reports and forms required for release are complete and properly executed;
7. Promptly close all work orders in AMS as work is complete;
8. Assist with the processing of completed maintenance records and invoicing;
9. Prepare and deliver original copies of completed work packs to Operator;
10. Assist with the administration of technical data subscriptions;
11. Proactively identify and report deficiencies in MJets processes, products and/or services;
12. Be familiar with the requirements of applicable CMT regulations;
13. Be familiar with the requirements of this RSQSM and the TPM, including all revisions, and report any need for changes; and
14. Performing other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned.

Interested candidates are required to send us an e-mail along with full resume and contact number to: