Routes & Fleet

The Gulfstream 200 is the complete super-midsize jet, designed to have everything one would need from an aircraft: productivity, comfort, performance and safety. It boasts the longest range (Bangkok to Seoul non-stop) and largest cabin size for its class whilst possessing an impressive cruising speed of 459 knots. Notwithstanding its impressive design, our G200 is fully equipped with two living areas, an entertainment system, radio phones and power outlets perfect for the busy executives or simply a relaxing flight. Its fresh air system also allows for passengers to arrive feeling less fatigued. This impressive Gulfstream is simply the perfect aircraft for larger groups who want to travel long-range quickly and comfortably.


Passenger Capacity                  10
Crew                                                  2 Captains & 1 Service  Manager
Cabin Length                                24.4 ft
Cabin Width                                 7.2 ft
Cabin Height                               6.3 ft
Baggage Capacity                    2,400 lbs
Cruising Speed                          459 knots
Maximum Range                      3,400 nm
Ceiling                                            45,000 ft
Approx Max Flight Time       5.5 hours