Airworthiness Manager

Job Summary:
Management of Continuing Airworthiness processes related to the administration of the aircraft maintenance
programs developed and implemented by MJets for both MJets commercially managed / operated business jets as
well as those independently operated

Key Responsibilities:
-Assist Director of Airworthiness with development of continuing airworthiness policy and procedures, including
such as required by the CAAT or other applicable National Aviation Authorities
- Ensure all aircraft permanent maintenance records and task tracking databases are accurately maintained
and that hard copies are stored per regulations in an organized and comprehensive manner that maximized
asset value retention
- Assess applicable Airworthiness Directives, Service Bulletins and Supplemental Type Certificate modifications
in a timely manner and maintain current aircraft AD statements and modification logs. Liaise between Mjets
and contracted service provider(s) for timely and qualitative assessments.
- Coordinate and/or perform reliability studies to ensure a safe and cost effective operation as well as satisfy
CAAT requirements
- Assure that Minimum Equipment Lists and Maintenance Programs are being reviewed, amended and
submitted to the CAAT in a timely manner. Liaise between Mjets and contracted service provider(s) for a
timely and qualitative process.
- Ensure all modifications, alternation and major repairs are carried out to an approved standard, ICA’s tracked
in the maintenance tracking systems and the associated documentation filed in the aircraft permanent records.
- Oversee the short and long term maintenance planning activities of the Mjets fleet. Ensure requests are timely
sent, proposals rece