Air Ambulance

Cessna Citation X : The Best Way For Lifesaving

Cessna Citation X: Year 2009
Crew: 2 Pilots
Estimate flying nonstop: 4:50 Hr/mins
Capacity: 1 Stretcher + 1 – 2 Companions

Medical team: 1 Flight Doctor + 1 Flight nurse
*Oxygen at least 7,000 liter and stretcher and/or LIFE PORT
*Medical Equipment
*Ground Ambulance both ends

Cessna Citation Bravo

Aircraft Type:         Cessna Citation Bravo (Fixed Wing, Twin Jet)
Registration:          HS-MED
Cruising Speed:       402 knots 
Maximum Range:     1,744 nm
Capacity:              1 patient + 2 companions

• Full medical equipment on board (On-board Intensive Care Unit)
• Lifeport – Patient Loading Utility SystemTM (PLUS)
• Medical team consists of 1 flying doctor + up to 2 flying nurse (Aeromedical)
• Ground ambulance transfers at airside on departure and arrival